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Dear All,
We're really sorry about it, we'll be postponing this spree due to clarifications we need to make with the Supplier on the new goods and the lack of time on our hands to check back on THEHAPPYNEST.


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We miss shopping for new items, sharing the pretty things on THEHAPPYNEST and dealing with our hassle-free customers!

Just to let all of you know, we're still around! We've all transformed into hardworking students for the past few weeks and we'll be studying hard for our examinations all the way till the first week of June! Bear with us while we take this rather long hiatus over in THEHAPPYNEST.

Feel free to check out our older collections with items still available! No worries about the speed of purchase for we will still be checking our emails regularly.

With all the latest buzzing fashion trends or if you prefer just simple elegance that'll never go out of style, tell us what you want and we'll try and bring in the best for all of you! ALL suggestions welcomed, no matter what defines your personal style!

Stay tuned and continue to watch this space!
Once again, thank you all for the loyal support! ♥